Don’t use AT&T. Just don’t. via

Don’t use AT&T. Just don’t.

I recently chose to change my ISP after scheduling an appointment to fix an intermittent disconnection issue with AT&T. They told me they would come to my house between 8am and 12pm; however, they never showed up. I did get a call after noon pass and after I had already missed some work waiting.

I just wanted my internet to work so I rescheduled for the next day 8am to 12pm with "high priority" (or so they told me). They didn't show a second time, wasting my time and lying to my face. I told them that I just wanted to cancel my service at this point, so I went through the process of getting a new ISP that would not flake out like this.

When I called in to cancel my service, the operator asked me what day I wanted to terminate it. I told them the end of the billing period (which was two weeks out); however, I found out to my dismay that my internet was completely shut off the next morning.

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Submitted June 13, 2015 at 02:24AM by GogoGilligan
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