Buyers Warning: Samsung S6 Edge is a beautifully broken phone

Hi all, I rarely would do a post like this. I tend to buy a new phone every year or two and have never had a more beautiful and terrible phone.My previous phone was a Moto X Pure which for one reason or another I broke 3 times so I decided to give the Edge a shot. Previously I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note & Note 2.Some of my complaints are due to where I live (hot weather) but any avid phone user will likely be facing the same issues as me. To be most fair, I’ll do it as a Pros and Cons list:Pros:Physically beautifulwireless charging, fast charging capabilityPhysically beautiful X2Fantastic camerathe finger scanner is really coolCons:The phone gets so hot, I don’t like holding it. It’s not defective either – it’s the gorgeous glass unibody. Outside, my phone gets unbelievably hot. I’ve only seen this happen with an iPad before.Samsung has cluttered the phone so heavily that it lags constantly. Many will say I’m expecting too much but the difference between this phone and my Moto X isn’t comparable (and that phone doesn’t get hot).Ram whoring – this is a continuation but every with everything closed, I am still hovering ~70% ram used at any given time. It’s impossible w/o a new rom to get under 60%. It’s noticeable too.Ram mangement – they have it set to be very aggressive (why not just delete some of your worthless software running in the background?). This means things force close more often, your chrome browser will close every time you leave the app (like an iphone), and overall sluggishness in bringing up typing keyboard / all apps.It doesn’t take advantage of the edge at all. The look of the screen is amazing but if you’re interested in unique edge features, they’re useless. I’m confused why they didn’t make it cooler.The battery life is horrid. I don’t care what excuses people make about it, I’ve read plenty before buying this. The battery life is atrocious likely for many of the reasons above. I haven’t had a battery life this bad… ever.Their version of the OS, while better than it used to be, is still really terrible if you’ve experience real android. So much bloatware, so much useless crap, overall “flavor” of design is still a huge step down from regular Android.Weird software decisions: how volume works when you plug in a headphone, how notifications feed sound through bluetooth, and several more things that they changed and confuse / annoy me.I got over this but the side of the phone where metal meets glass is sharp. I could see a lot of people never getting over how it cuts into your hand… especially while being so hot most of the time.Overall, this beautiful phone is going back to the store for being critically flawed. Buy this is you want the most beautiful high-end phone on the market. Avoid this phone if you care about: heat, battery, performance, software. Sponsored News Happy Harvest Festival 2015

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