Why can’t no Android manufacture produce something as good as Apple’s Iphones?

I am the owner of a Sony Z3C. I am happy with my phone, and in most things I can’t complain.I was also an Iphone user up to the last Iphone 4. I still own an Ipad 2. Whenever you ask people why Android isn’t like Apple’s Iphone you get generally a vague answer on how “Apple owns the hardware” and that “it’s easy when you make only a single type of phone”.While I do realise this, let me ask you this question:Why has nobody on the market come close to be as good as Apple in making phones? Why isn’t there an “Apple” between Android manufacturers? Why isn’t there a company that works it’s ass of producing a hardware tailored for android and stick with it?Sure, the same android wouldn’t run as good on another Android phone because of hardware optimisations, but who cares? Why has no company tried to take Android, change it at it’s core and make it adapt to whatever hardware this fantasy company has? iOS is still Unix underneath. It’s not like Apple invented it. Why isn’t there someone working on optimizing Android on a single good-looking platform, but by retaining the features that makes Android stand apart from iOS?I would love to see one day my android phone be in standby for 1 week and lose only 3-5 % of battery (which is what happens with my Ipad 2). Sponsored News Happy Harvest Festival 2015

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