Conclusion of Nexus 5 Doze Test

You may remember my initial post on my Nexus 5 Doze test after 4 days of testing. Link This is the conclusion of the test with the phone shutting down on June 13th 2:35 AM. Here are the numbers:Test was conducted on a stock Nexus 5 running Android M with no additional apps installed. Cell and WiFi radios were on and the phone continued to receive notifications while in Doze mode. The phone was awakened periodically to only record the battery percentage. Please do not ask me to conduct additional tests, with different settings, as this was a one time test.Start date: May 31 5:30 PMEnd date: June 13 2:30 AMTotal hours: 297Battery dissipation per hour: .3333 %Data:May 31Sun 5:30 PM: 100%Sun 7:30 PM: 100%Sun 10:00 PM: 99%June 1Mon 2:30 AM: 98%Mon 9:30 AM : 97%Mon 1:30 PM : 96%Mon 4:30 PM: 95%Mon 6:30 PM: 94%Mon 8:00 PM: 94%June 2Tue 12:00 AM: 92%Tue 1:30 AM: 92%Tue 12:00 PM: 89%Tue 2:00 PM: 88%Tue 5:00 PM: 87%Tue 9:00 PM: 85%June 3Wed 12:00 AM: 84%Wed 2:00 PM: 79%Wed 6:00 PM: 78%June 4Thu 12:00 AM: 76%Thu 2:00 AM: 76%Thu 9:00 AM: 72%Thu 3:00 PM: 70%Thu 6:30 PM: 69%Thu 8:00 PM: 69%June 5Fri 12:00 AM: 67%Fri 9:00 AM: 65%Fri 5:00 PM: 61%Fri 8:00 PM: 59%June 6Sat 12:30 AM: 57%Sat 12:00 PM: 53%Sat 5:00 PM: 51%Sat 8:00 PM: 49%June 7Sun 1:00 AM: 47%Sun 12:00 PM: 45%June 8Mon 12:00 AM: 42%Mon 12:00 PM: 38%June 9Mon 12:00 AM: 36%Mon 12:00 PM: 32%June 10Mon 12:00 AM: 23%Mon 12:00 PM: 20%June 11Mon 12:00 AM: 18%Mon 12:00 PM: 13%June 12Mon 12:00 AM: 10%Mon 12:00 PM: 8%June 13Mon 12:00 AM: 2%Mon 2:30 AM: 1% Sponsored News Happy Harvest Festival 2015

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