Thoughts on the “Optimizing Apps” process and thermal throttling.

Those of us who are ROM-flashing enthusiasts (CyanogenMod ftw) will know quite well about the screen that displays “Android is starting…” or “Android is upgrading…” followed by “Optimizing app x of y.”A lot of people have expressed discontent with how this keeps the screen on full blare the whole time, and the phone gets super hot, and it’s annoying. Blah blah blah, right? Well I agree, but most of us also agree that it’s not that big of a deal. Or is it?While sitting here waiting for my CyanogenMod nightly to finish installing on my LG G3, I got to thinking about how hot the phone gets during this process. Then I remembered the other day at the pool, under the hot Florida sun, how laggy my phone was getting due to thermal throttling.Now the G3 with its QHD display is a hot phone already, that’s just the nature of the device and other phones probably do better with heat. But, I’m thinking that with how hot the phone gets while it’s optimizing my nearly 200 apps, it could be thermal throttling more and more as it goes, causing the optimization of each app to get progressively slower as time goes.I’ve always assumed that the reason it takes longer with the last apps that get optimized is just due to the size of those apps, but this could be another reason.Because of all this, I think we would all like to see some way for the screen to not be on so bright during this process, or not even on at all. Just some way to relieve the stress that’s put on phones. Sponsored News Happy Harvest Festival 2015

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