Anarchist cryptocurrency and socialist counter-economy: Opening Gambit! – Antok via

Anarchist cryptocurrency and socialist counter-economy: Opening Gambit! – Antok

Below is my idea, please discuss and provide feedback!


Create an anarchist libertarian communist cryptocurrency and socialist counter-economy.

How it works:

Antok is an open-source platform for anybody to setup local assemblies that can be joined by members and collectives. Serving as an organisational and resource management utility governed through direct-democratic voting procedures and bottom up hierarchy structures. Participating collectives operate in a non-profit or anarcho-syndicalist manner. Contributing any profits (after wages) to local assemblies for community control and allocation decisions. Each member is assigned a token granting equal access to goods and services and facilitating trades.


-Member and collective registrars -Property, goods and services registrars -Direct-democratic and bottom up hierarchy structures and voting platforms -Resource management and automated distribution allocation tools -Token system that ensures equal access to essential goods and services and can facilitate trades -Transparent anarcho-syndicalist processes and community control of finances -De-centralised and autonomous management mechanisms through local assemblies

Project status:

This is currently a solo project in planning stage. Eagerly welcoming all contributions from experienced developers and any others with useful skill-sets and ideas. Please email me at and join the GitHub project page. I have also setup a discussion forum and will post social network and blog links below and update them with news and promotional content. Also laid some barebone functional requirements.

Project info – Forums –

Submitted June 16, 2015 at 01:28PM by antokproject
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