[Dev] Tachyon SMS, a different way to text.

Awhile ago, my mom was texting me things that only required a simple “love you too” or “k” as a reply, and back in the days of KitKat there were no heads up notifications. I had to quit whatever I was doing, go into the SMS app, type the same thing I’ve typed a million times, and hope the game I was playing didn’t crash while I was gone.This gave birth to the idea of Preset Reply SMS.I had a really really simple black text view, and a couple buttons. It worked great, but it only worked on specified numbers (like moms) which was the point in the first place. Then it expanded to more numbers, then themes, material design, and more non-popup features, such as auto-replies when you’re in a vehicle (get it? auto? no? ok ): ) and constant reminders after texts are received so you don’t forget about them. After all this, it was from then on Tachyon SMS, because its much more than a popup.I’ve been working on this for awhile (roughly a year) now, and I hope you like it! Please tell me any bugs, and yes, I’m working out in app billing as we speak. Thanks!Play store linkPS. This whole app was developed on my phone using AIDE, which I guess is pretty cool. Sponsored News Happy Harvest Festival 2015

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