Newsday Tuesday (June 6 – June 13) – Your Weekly Android Digest!

Subscribe to /r/Android Weekly NewsletterSubscribe to e-mail alerts via IFTTTThis Week in NewsHTC Financial Decade-Low Drop & Troublesome Inventory: HTC Corp. has hit a decade-low after cutting its sales forecast by as much as 35 percent. The company also had announced plans to write off $94 million of impaired assets, and shares fell 9.9 percent (the daily limit) to the lowest since 2005. This means that HTC will post a loss for the current quarter, and analysts are quick to blame the problem on the M9, as HTC cannot clear inventory to save its life (quite literally). It is a sad state of affairs, but stagnation kills in such a competitive business. Read more here.Snapdragon 810 Pulling Qualcomm Down, Heating Up More Phones: Despite all the naysaying, the Snapdragon 810 has problems – it’s undeniable at this point. And Qualcomm can’t hide it either, as the company is reportedly missing sales targets for its hottest chip. Sources also lay blame on production quality issues, which could hurt manufacturer TSMC as well. And if that’s not enough, Sony’s latest Z3+ and Z4 tablet show that despite the revisioned chip, heat issues remain prevalent, and it seems that honorable Sony cannot deny the obvious like many other adamantly did. Points for honesty!Blackberry Bringing Android Phones: The company known for its hardware keyboards, tight security and underwhelming operating systems is trying to address the last bit, as it is now said to be coming up with an Android phone that will allegedly include Blackberry services. Rumors are ramping up and speculation is bound to mislead some, so it’s best to wait for official announcements. Could we see Blackberry hardware keyboards on our platform…?LastPass Security Breach: When a company focused on security and storing user passwords gets breached, a face palm is an understatement. The company notified users that their team discovered suspicious activity on their network, and while they claim to have found no evidence that encrypted user vault data was compromised, LastPass account email addresses, password reminders and authentication hashes were. This story is being blown out of proportion at some discussions, but its significance shouldn’t be undermined either. If you are a LastPass user, follow safe measures and change your master password as soon as possible.. Those with Multi-Factor Authentication should follow suit as well, regardless. Needless to say, many will probably be re-evaluating the service. Read more!Google Helps You Pick an Android: Google has released a page in their site Android site that helps you find a suitable device for your wants and needs through a short and intuitive survey. This does not beat healthy research and lurking reddit for hours a day, of course, but it is still a fun and accessible alternative that your friends and family might find useful. Give it a look!OnePlus 2 Rumored to Launch this July Starting at $322: Tips throughout this week suggest that the OnePlus Two is coming up soon, and from what websites have been told the device will sell for $322. This is said to be the Chinese price, however, and being a rumor it might still be off. The device is said to be coming with 3GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 810 SoC and a 1080p display. While these don’t sound like huge improvements, we hope that an updated camera and OnePlus’ focus on battery life and performance give us a truly flagship killer experience.Apple Music Coming to Android Too, With a Catch: Apple’s new music service, which aims to bring better user-star interaction on top of other goodies, is heading to our beloved platform as well – for a price. Their original keynote mentioned an app, but not a price. It turns out that Android users must be paid Apple Music subscribers, as there is no free tier for our platform. Given that this is a premium price to pay for what is expected to be a compelling offering, we can expect competition in the streaming space to ramp up. That’s good for us all, right?Moto X Coming “Bringing It” With Its Camera, Might Have Fingerprint Scanner: Motorola Mobiliy CMO Adrienne Hayes tweeted out that the new Moto X will “bring it” in the camera department, as the company realises that they need to improve on this front. The new Moto X is also said to come with a fingerprint scanner, most likely to make use of the upcoming native support coming in Android M and to be used as an authentication factor with Android Pay. Motorola, don’t let us down!This Week in AppsGoogle Location Aware Allows for Contextual Questions: Close to a landmark or shop? Google knows, and now they are applying that context to your Google Now queries to answer questions about the area around you (without you naming it), from the lengths of rivers to the closing time of shops. See more!Get a Taste of Firefox OS with b2gdroid: This is an experiment that lets you use Gaia, Firefox OS’ user interface, on your Android device. The app is not the fastest nor most stable, and its huge iconography is more suited to the visually impaired than those who lower their DPI to make good use of screen real estate. Nevertheless, if you are curious, check it out!YouTube Gaming Takes on Twitch: YouTube is going straight for the gamer crowd with a streaming service that will attempt to compete with the biggest streaming platforms in the market, namely Twitch. Can Google pull it off? The results will certainly be interesting, especially considering the gamer popularity on YouTube due to LetsPlays and the like. Read the official blog post here! In the short term, you might be able to enjoy 60 frames per second on your Android app.Maps Saves You Time, Play Store Saves You Money: Google Maps now warns you if you are navigating to a place that will be closed by the time you arrive, and the Play Store is giving out its first free app of the week in the family section. Given that it is Daniel Tiger Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings, a kid’s game, you might want to pass on it unless you have a kid or young sibling.Arnold Schwarzenegger Now Voices Waze Directions: This is self explanatory, awesome stuff. Whenever you need to go somewhere, Arnold will dictate directions and also give you motivational encouragement. If you stopped using Waze but love Terminator, this will assure you will be back. You might prefer other voices, but you should go with Arnold’s if you want to live without driving worries. .Brief IntroductionI am u/TachyonGun and I will be writing periodic content for your reading pleasure. You might also know me from the XDA News Portal where I write articles covering Android news and developments in-depth while trying to delve into the finer details of the ecosystem. At XDA we provide our readers thorough analysis and reviews, sometimes technical and sometimes engrossing – I hope to transfer that philosophy to my work here and give you all interesting news and content to read!That’s it for this week. In these features, we cover news from Saturday to Saturday. In case you missed last week’s summary, you can find it here. As you guys know, there are a lot of Android news every week – and more than we can fit here – but we hope this roundup was useful for many of you! Sponsored News Happy Harvest Festival 2015

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