Hello /r/Android! I’ve spent the last few months developing an interactive live wallpaper featuring abstract geometric patterns in 3D. I am very excited to finally release it! (Giveaway: Permanently free version)

The live wallpaper is called “Patterns” and it contains 23 handcrafted geometric live wallpaper themes that are customizable and interactive (reacting to touch input and gyroscope). The live wallpaper is inspired by op-art (optical art) and artists like M.C. Escher or Victor Vasarely. You can find many pictures and a video of it in the Google play store listing.I am a sole developer and this is the first app I am publishing to google play, so I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions! Unfortunately Google does not offer a promo code system or vouchers for apps, so I had to upload a “beta” version that is essentially a permamently free version with all features unlocked! To download it, just pm me your googlemail-address (the one you use for your android device) and I’ll add you to the beta tester group. Then you can download the free version with all features unlocked directly from Google play. 🙂 (Sorry about the google+ community but that is the way beta testing works for google play …)As a little bonus I also created a small album of desktop wallpapers (1920×1080) based on themes from the live wallpaper app!If you encounter any problems with the app or have other suggestions/complaints, please let me know! Sponsored News Happy Harvest Festival 2015

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