Pixel stick? Anyone used one? via codeandcommand.com

Pixel stick? Anyone used one?

I came across the pixel stick the other day browsing the Internet. Basically it's used for light painting and I guess could be used as a source of light in some photography. (I wasn't sure to post here or photography but I had a post on /photography and they seemed to be against it)

Basically it allows you to either upload images to an SD card and project them with its "magic" by the strobes flashing and creating the "drawing" as you move the pole across an area while the cameras shutter is open!

I haven't really found anyone who most likely has actually paid for one of these reviews. It seems that the review I can find most likely got given them for free Lol.

So I was just curious on people's thoughts and own experience if they have one!

Www.pixelstick.com for anyone interested:)

Submitted June 17, 2015 at 08:22AM by Jackehboy
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