Saturday APPreciation (Jun 13 2015) – Your weekly app recommendation/request thread!

Note 1. Check out our apps wiki for previous threads and apps curated by the reddit Android community!Note 2. Join us at /r/MoronicMondayAndroid, a sub serving as a repository for our retired weekly threads. Just pick any thread and Ctrl-F your way to wisdom!Note 3. Join our IRC channel #android on for anything-goes discussion on Android! Click here to chat!This weekly Saturday thread is for:* App promotion,* App praise/sharingRules:1) If you are a developer, you may promote your own app ONLY under the bolded, distinguished moderator comment. Users: if you think someone is trying to bypass this rule by promoting their app in the general thread, click the report button so we can take a look!2) Do not post more than 10 items in your list. Sponsored News Happy Harvest Festival 2015

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